About Us

In today’s economic landscape, skills are a global currency. They are a source of economic advantage and increasingly ‘tradable’. With the growing demand for more and more skilled talent, businesses around the world have spearheaded a resurgence and renewed enthusiasm for vocational, digital and professionl education . The increased focus on having all students – from school age through college graduates – ‘job ready’ acts as a catalyst for countries to produce globally competent and employable talent.

Against this backdrop, the Scicom Education Group provides a suite of education solutions that are centred on vocational and corporate training programmes, primarily in the Service Sector. These are programmes that are driven by the future outlook of the global economy and employer demands for work-ready graduates.

Through our global partnership with Pearson - the World‘s Learning Company - we are able to open doors to a globalised pathway to education and career success for students from all over the world. Pearson, the world’s largest education company, with its holistic approach to education has helped people of all ages to pursue higher qualifications and make meaningful changes in their lives. Pearson’s products and services are used by millions of learners and teachers around the world every day.

The Scicom Education Group brings years of training and education experience to our learning environment with an experienced faculty of lecturers and tutors, and the capability of having been engaged in delivering a variety of training and education solutions to both corporate employees and students. We also go one step further to help our students start their new careers upon graduation by providing them with job placement assistance.

So it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Scicom Education Group to begin your journey to fulfilling your dream of the future.



    When the right talent meets the right opportunities in a company, amazing transformation can happen.

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    Providing valuable insights that allow you to make accurate hiring decisions and help employees develop the 21st century skills they need to succeed.

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    Experiential and active learning allow learners to become proficient in English, hence opening doors for academic and professional success.

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