Pearson Assured Programmes

Pearson Assured Programmes

As an Accredited Pearson Assured Centre, Scicom Academy partners Pearson, the world’s largest education company to offer bespoke programmes relevant to the demands and needs unique to your organisation/industry. Being Pearson Assured means Scicom Academy assures you of internationally benchmarked standards in education and training, not to mention impeccable quality management in the delivery of our programmes.

Pearson Assured certification for the programmes offered by Scicom Academy will bear the prestigious Pearson (UK) imprimatur and indicates that the student holds a qualification of an accredited programme from one of the world’s leading awarding organisations.

Embarking on a customised Pearson Assured programme not only allows your organisation to provide employees the specific knowledge and skills they require for peak performance, it also gives your employees the added advantage of possessing an Internationally-recognised certificate from the United Kingdom.

What is Pearson Assured?

Pearson Assured is an independent benchmark for third-party organisations that have training or learning programmes they have designed to deliver and assess in-house. With a strong track record in developing qualifications and carrying out regular quality assurance on our own learning programmes, Pearson Assured is ideally placed to ensure your systems and processes are thoroughly developed and properly executed.

Attainment of Pearson Assured status ensures that your organisation’s quality processes achieve the Pearson standard – an independent international quality benchmark.

What gives Pearson the authority to measure another organisation on quality?

Pearson is the world’s leading awarding organisation. With over 100 years of education and training experience, in over 100 countries, we have the expertise and authority to audit, benchmark, and independently verify your quality processes against world-class standards.

We’re serious about quality. We know that without rigorous quality assurance, a certificate is worth no more than the paper it is written on. That’s why rigorous quality processes underline everything we do, and we practise what we preach, being independently regulated by the UK regulator Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) to ensure our quality standards are rigorous, valid and reliable.

Our Pearson qualifications are widely taught, recognised and respected, and the standards we apply in all Pearson qualifications are the same standards provided by the Edexcel Assured service. Please note that Pearson Assured Certification programmes offered by Scicom Academy will bear the prestigious Pearson logo, indicating a qualification of an accredited programme from one of the world’s leading awarding organisations.

how your organisation can benefit from a pearson assured certificate.

  • Fully customisable learning content to suit your organisational needs, outcomes, culture and operating procedures.

  • Senior faculty, practitoner led academic team that understands the demands of your industry. Swift turnaround. Impactful content.

  • Learning content, quality standards and certification are approved and assured by Pearson (UK)

  • The prestigious Pearson Assured Certificate is issued directly out of the United Kingdom and bears all security protocol requirements.

  • The Pearson Assured (UK) Certificate is widely accepted and respected by established employers from across the world.

  • The Pearson Assured (UK) Certificate puts you on a firm footing towards a professioal and rewarding career.

Talk to us today about Pearson Assured (UK) for your organisation so we can customise a programme to suit your specific needs. TALK TO US for more details.