Talentlens Psychometrics Assessments


Powered by 80 years of science, TalentLens provides the best recruitment and development assessment tools that help organisations make the right recruitment choices and discover employees' strengths. Scicom Academy offers a suite of TalentLens psychometric assessments. All tests are administered online with almost immediate results on how candidates have performed. Used by Fortune 500 companies around the world, these psychometric assessments are “normed” against comparison groups eg. US, UK, Australia, India and other countries. It helps decision makers like yourself, with optimised recruitment and talent development tools for your employees to be transformed into assets.

Find Greatness. Reduce Risk.

You need great people at all levels in every job role. And you need them now. Given the time and cost to find and interview people, you cannot afford to take a chance with a bad hire. With TalentLens you can beat the odds, look into the future and discover the benefits of a great hire.

Key Questions to Make Impactful Hiring Decisions

There are four key questions that every HR manager and hiring manager should ask themselves about a candidate. These are highlighted in the graphic above.

Predict Performance: Will the candidate perform in the job today and tomorrow?
Prevent turnover and early demotivation: Will he fit with the values of our organisation?
Reduce the risk of counterproductive behaviors: Will he act in compliance with our organisation’s ethics?
Assess Critical Thinking: Will he make good decisions?

TalentLens can help you find the answers to these questions so that every hire is an impact hire.

  • Predicting Performance

    At the core of your great hire is our ability to predict performance. Years of in-depth industry research proves that the best proven predictor of performance at work is by combining measures of both ability and personality. This can predict about 60% of potential performance – if you use the right tools!

    We can take you beyond what is shared on a resume, or the feeling you get about the candidate in an interview. While these impressions may be on target, the candidate could be overstating abilities or hiding personality traits that will result in an unsuccessful hire. By combining evaluation of the candidate using both personality and relevant abilities we can help determine who will be successful in the job. We provide insights that guide your decision to make an impactful hire. And at the same time, we can also minimise adverse impact based on gender or other protected groups by using this approach.

  • Prevent Turnover and Early Demotivation

    Do the candidate’s personal values fit with the values of the job and organisation? Do they feel comfortable with the values of the organisation? Will their engagement in the work and motivation for success be sustained? As an HR professional, one of the key areas you want to influence is preventing turnover or early demotivation of the candidates you have just hired. By evaluating values and motivation for candidates, you can get great indicators about cultural fit and the longer term success of this candidate within the organisation. Hiring and training a new employee is expensive, and we can help you ensure your efforts and investment are made on candidates who have a good likelihood of finding appropriate fit with the organisation and achieving growth for both themselves and the firm.

  • Reduce Risk of Counterproductive Behaviors

    A new employee has inherent risks. How will the person behave? Will they work well with the other team members or become the disruptive influence that derails team work or projects? Limit the risk of employees with unsafe, unethical or counterproductive behaviors who don’t show this “dark side” during a standard screening or interview process. The TalentLens solution offers the ability to look at candidates holistically, to ensure they not only have the skills and ability to succeed, but also they are likely to do the job in an appropriate manner. More insights for a positive, impactful hire!

  • Critical Thinking for Great Decisions

    How long will your company survive if your key staff members make bad decisions? For any new hire, we can help identify great critical thinkers — people who will make the best decisions. These will be candidates who quickly understand the key aspects that will impact any decision, can discern assumptions from facts, and can evaluate the arguments about possible actions and draw conclusions that will lead to great decisions. Thousands of organisations use our critical thinking evaluation to both hire great managers and develop high-potential employees’ ability to make good decisions.

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