Numerical Data Interpretation Test

Numerical Data Interpretation TestTM (NDIT)

Assess the ability to interpret and manipulate numerical data in the workplace

Formerly known as Athena, NDIT™ assesses numerical reasoning ability. It is designed to measure the ability to interpret and manipulate data, which is required in most roles. NDIT looks at candidates’ aptitude to:

  • > Draw appropriate inferences from data
  • > Calculate values using basic arithmetic operators and work with decimals and fractions
  • > Understand information presented in tables, charts and graphs
  • > Identify when additional data is required to draw particular assumptions
  • > Reporting options for both individuals and teams

NDIT items have been designed to have high face validity and reflect the types of numerical data routinely encountered in numerous roles within the modern workplace.

NDIT should not be confused with exams measuring mathematical ability; these reflect the ability to learn, retain, and apply mathematical formulas but they do not predict how well a person will perform when interpreting data in the workplace.

NDIT allows assessors to easily administer the online tests to any number of test takers for unsupervised remote.


  • > Items are drawn from a large bank, ensuring no two candidates receive the same test. This allows for unsupervised testing and improved test security.
  • > Features both multiple choice and free response items. Free response items make guessing the correct answer highly unlikely, which improves the accuracy of the assessment.
  • > Items are highly relevant to the real numerical problems encountered at work, which improves applicants’ testing experience and fairness impressions.
  • > Easy to administer. Online test link can be sent to any number of test-takers with one click.

Appropriate for jobs where data interpretation is used frequently or on critical job tasks

Executive, managerial, supervisory, professional, sales, IT, administrative, and technical roles across most industry sectors

Supervised and unsupervised

30 minutes timed

21 items

English (UK, US, Indian and Australian). French and Spanish in late 2018.