Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

The industry standard measure of Critical Thinking Ability

Critical thinking is the ability to look at a situation and clearly understand it from multiple perspectives whilst separating facts from opinions and assumptions. It is recognised as a key 21st Century job requirement for many roles.

Watson-Glaser is designed to be a quick, consistent and accurate measure of the ability to:

  • > Analyse, interpret and draw logical conclusions from written information.
  • > Recognise assumptions from facts.
  • > Evaluate the strength of arguments.
  • > Draw correct inferences.

Research also demonstrates a correlation of Watson-Glaser test scores with creative thinking ability.

Watson-Glaser is used primarily in the context of recruitment to measure critical thinking ability levels in job, university and business school applicants. It is also used in development interventions.

Adhering to the RED Model, Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal looks at


  • > Comprehension
  • > Recognise assumptions from facts.
  • > Analysis.
  • > Assess personality and values with one single questionnaire
  • > Full range of reports to suit the customer needs
  • > Competency reports that show likely fit with a number of the competencies required for various roles (Managers, Sales, Teachers and Customer service rep.)
  • > Extensive cross-cultural adaptations across 12 countries
  • > Related services available on request (job profiling, specific norm, bespoke report, etc.)
  • > Reliable, backed by years of research and thousands of data
  • > Very hard to fake (ipsative format)
  • > Easy to Administer: online administration.

Watson-Glaser-III questions are:

  • > Drawn from a new bank of business-relevant questions suitable for international use
  • > Available in a number of languages
  • > Suitable for unsupervised (unproctored) screening of job applicants due to its ‘item-bank’ design whereby questions are randomly selected from a large pool
  • > Wide variety of norm groups. Bespoke norms can be created.
  • > It is also suitable for online completion in a supervised environment such as assessment or